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CSSC is enriched with powerful research and development resources. It has 9 R&D Institutes engaged in research and development of civil ships and their shipboard equipment, naval ships and their shipboard systems, offshore facilities, shipbuilding technology, precision testing, shipbuilding standardization and soft science. Design and management of engineering projects can also be undertaken. The Marine Design & Research Institute of China (MARIC) is the best known of all.

Defence Products

CSSC has a remarkable capacity for building surface warships, submarines and auxiliary vessels. In recent years, a great number of ships, including those of new generations like missile destroyers, missile frigates, space instrumentation ships etc., have been built and delivered, adding significant impetus to the modernization of our national defense.The Chinese Navy fleet Formed by these ships built by CSSC has succeeded in its outbound visits to some foreign countries on several occasions,displaying the impressive image of Chinese new naval ships and raising the prestige of our nation and navy, and in the meantime, fully showing the level of naval ships'design and development performed by CSSC. Many ships built in CSSC's yards have been exported to some countries in Asia and Africa, etc.

Civil Ships

Civil ships built in CSSC's yards have advanced from simple labor-intensive types to those of sate-of-the-art designs of high-tech content. For example: starting from bulk carriers and crude tankers, the yards are now capable of building chemical carriers, ro/ro passenger ferries, large containerships, large self-unloading ships, deluxe excursion river boats, large LPG carriers, high-speed ships and offshore facilities. A multi-categorized and multi-graded product series has been formed and world-renowned brand name Panamaxes such aw"Type Jiangnan" and "Type Hudong" have been created.
These ships, besides meeting domestic demands, have also been exported to more than 50 countries and regions, like U.S.A, Germany, Norway, U.K., Singapore, Hong Kong etc.

Offshore Facilities                                  

150000dwt FPSO                                                             

Steel Structures                  


Shanghai Lupu Bridge                                      


Ship repairs is one of its main lines of business of CSSC. All the yards are well equipped with mechanized equipment for dock repairs and all kinds of testing and measuring facilities, enabling them to do a wide range of repair work. For example, those work,from ordinary sea damage dock repairs to large conversion projects, from overhauls of old ships to repairs of new and large type special purpose vessels and from repair and maintenance of onboard equipment to large scale retrofit, can all be done in CSSC's yards. Besides, dozens of service centers for repairing equipment of world-famous brands have also been set up, thus upgrading further the quality of services offered. On the whole, a good impression of Chinese ship repairs has been given to ship owners and with good quality and speedy, timely service plus reasonable price, CSSC has won a share in the world market through fierce competition.

Shipboard Equipment

CSSC's shipboard equipment manufacturing plants have adopted a strategy of "starting high" in technology import and have continuously purchased production licenses of shipboard equipment from world renowned manufacturers. After dissolving and absorbing the imported know how and adding-on with their own creations, they have achieved considerable progress in upgrading both their technology and production. Large marine diesel engines built in CSSC's manufacturing plants have achieved an installation rate of 60% onboard ships built in China and some have even been exported as single machines worldwide. Many other products have also replaced the imported ones in our domestic market and some even have edged into the world market. For example, anchor and anchor chains, valves, deck machinery, lifeboats, centrifugal separators, diesel gensets, etc. have all become CSSC's important products for export.

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