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Guangzhou Treemas Printing Co.ltd

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Guangzhou Treemas Printing Co.ltd

Guangzhou Zhengmao Group Co.,Ltd.,Website:http://www.aromajia.com,established in 1998, with thesubsidiary corporations of Guangzhou Zhengmao Printing Co.,Ltd., Hongkong Linda Gift Co.,Ltd. and Guangzhou Hotriping Trading Co.,Ltd., is one of the largest fragrance printing enterprises in China, focusing on the most professional designing, development andmanufacture of fragrance printing products.
We have passed the ISO 9000 quality certification and are holding ourown brands Treemasfresheners & AROMA+.
We always adhere to Superior Quality & Best Service to win the confidence of both domestic and overseas customers!
With our continuous professional technology innovations and daily up-grading A/S system, we are looking forward to your mostsuitable and best business partner!


  • Guangzhou Treemas Printing Co.ltd
  • Ship Supplier
  • China
  • Guangdong
  • Guangzhou
  • 301,no,1building.no,1yard 2, Huancun West Rd.,cangtou,lilian St.,huangpu Area, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China(mainland)
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