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Trandomed 3d Inc

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Trandomed 3d Inc

Trandomed 3D Inc. is a fast-growing company,Website:http://www.trando-med.com, manufacturing and distributing human vasculature silicone models and medical anatomy models.Working closely with researchers in State key laboratory of mechanical engineering department from Xi’an Jiaotong university,Trandomed team has focused on medical 3D printing technology innovation and personalized medical product development for over 20 years in China.
Trandomed 3D Inc. Our medical models are widely used in hospital for teaching, illustrating, practicing and evaluating surgical and medical technique. And it’s also good for pre-operative planning ,minimizing intra-operative unforeseen situation and reducing the risk of damage or death to patient.
Trandomed 3D Inc. strives to improve patient care by providing accurate and customized anatomical parts,medical simulator,vascular models,etc for the advanced training,testing and marketing of medical devices.


  • Trandomed 3d Inc
  • Ship Supplier
  • China
  • zhejiang
  • Ningbo
  • No. 777 Binhai 4 Road Hangzhou Bay New Zone, Cixi City, Zhejiang, China
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