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Wuxi Meixu Vehicle Co., Ltd

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Wuxi Meixu Vehicle Co., Ltd

The brand of “Wuyang” ,Website:http://www.wxwuyangebike.com,As a manufacturer of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. to product the electric vehicle,won many honors,such as Guangdong famous trademarks, Guangdong famous products and China machinery industry famous brand products ,become the national brand of two-wheel transportation tools in China.
“Wuyang” as A world-wide reputation brand,products electric vehicles, bicycles, lithium trams and electric tricycles.Be sold to 29 provinces and municipalities autonomous regions in China and more than 50 other countries including Europe, southeast Asia, South America, Africa.And it regions around the world!
In China, the brand of “Wuyang” is widely kown and the excellent reputation of electric vehicle.We try our best to change the technology with the times to make the best wishes of world class products,Radiate extraordinary positive energy, create a brilliant future!


  • Wuxi Meixu Vehicle Co., Ltd
  • Ship Supplier
  • China
  • Jiangsu
  • Wuxi
  • Jiangsu Province,wuxi City,xishan District,anzhen Town
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