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Orizon Maritime Agency Inc

Company Profile

Orizon Maritime Agency Inc

I would like to introduce our companies CAMORIM SERVICOS MARITIMOS LTDA and ORIZON MARITIME AGENCY INC that has been in Towage business in Brazil for the past 22 years.

We have been established a popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. We have never compromised on the quality and the services provided to the customer. We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with the best service at a very competent price.

About Camorim Group

Camorim is a Brazilian company and is mainly engaged in the provision of maritime towage and support services in Brazil. Camorim was incorporated in Rio De Janeiro on May 18th 1995. Headquarters are located in the city of Rio de Janeiro-RJ and its subsidiaries are located in Niterói-RJ, Angra dos Reis-RJ, Arraial do Cabo-RJ, Macaé-RJ, Vitória-ES, Salvador-BA, Santos-SP and Sao Luis-MA.

In 2000 Camorim Shipyard was incorporated into the assets of Camorim Group in order to support port and offshore activities, as well as to assist in the construction and maintenance of its fleet.

In 2003 Oceanboat Serviços Marítimos Ltda was founded in order to operate speedboats, passenger boats and small tugs.

In 2009 Camorim Offshore Serviços Ltda was founded in order to act as the arm of Camorim Group in the maritime support segment and to operate its fleet of PSVs, AHTSs and LHs.

The diversified fleet of Camorim consists of harbour and offshore tugs, LHs, PSVs, AHTS and launches

CAMORIM now operates at following Brazilian ports

* São Luis (PDM, Itaqui)
* Vitoria (Tubarão, Praia Mole)
* Sepetiba / Itaguai / Sudeste
* Angra dos Reis (Commercial berths)
* Rio De Janeiro
* Acu
* Forno
* Santos
* Rio Grande
* Paranagua


* 720 employees;
* 62 tugboats;
* 32 motor and crew boats;
* Activities covering all Brazilian coast;
* 3 new tugs to its fleet each year;
* Own shipyard at Niterói-RJ with Complete infra-structure (offices, quays, cranes, stockyard, fork lifts, specialized workforce, etc.) to support offshore projects.
All these features can be rental;
* Own Training center;
* Own maintenance team and workshops;
* All vessels are monitored by Autotrac, a satellite tracking system that can be used by our clients;
* QHSE fully implanted.

About Orizon Maritime Agency Inc

Orizon Maritime Agency Inc was incorporated in 2006 and maintains office in Piraeus, Greece in order to act as the representative of Camorim outside Brazil.

Please feel free to keep in touch with us about any of your business related requirements/queries.

We look forward to a wonderful relationship together and success for all concerned.

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